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 4 P's of Marketing, is the combination of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion

Mobile Marketing with QR codes

With 82 percent of adult owners carry their handsets with them at all times are you missing an easy way to reach out to them?
QR codes is a simple yet effective way of driving consumer and b2b traffic where you want it.

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Mobile Marketing with QR codes
With uDEZIGNit QR codes do not have to be limited to a simple black and white images we can brand them with your logo or corporate colour. QR Codes can be used to market your company in many ways here are some ideas;

Link to a website
Placement on brochure with direct link to the product
Provide a discount code or special offer message
Incorporate them into your business cards for networking providing a vcard of your contact details.
Geo location details of your shop or restaurant
Provide instant wifi access to keep customers longer without handing out the password all the time
When your closed allow them to book online or takeaway menu

Stand out from the crowd
Give users a way to interact with your adverts, don't leave it to chance direct users to where you want them.

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Another way to be innovative with videos, have you ever thought about creating a QR code linking to YouTube to show off your company ?
QR codes used on TV and advertisment