uDEZIGNit Business Solutions

Its all about the Maketing

 4 P's of Marketing, is the combination of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion


Every new business, charity or product deserves a great start. At uDEZIGNit we can craft the services you need to launch into a market.


–        logo design
–        core company identity definition
–        business card and base stationery design


–        launch advertisement design
–        launch online banner design 


Having started your business or charity, your eyes look to growing your audience’s awareness of your mission, brand, products and services. UDEZIGNit can help you achieve your goals and targets by working with you to create a programme of marketing activity that focuses return on investment (ROI).


-          on-site or video-conference marketing coaching and support
-          marketing strategy and plan creation
-          regular report and analysis


-          marketing collateral suite creation
-          email marketing implementation, management and compliance
-          media placement and campaign activity programme


Building on success is a constant requirement for all organisations. From time to time new opportunities and challenges come along. Together uDEZIGNit and you can ensure your business and brand achieve greater success and weather changes wherever they occur.


-          integrated business strategy and operating plan
-          on-site full or part-time marketing direction and team building


-          toolkit and brandbook development
-          brand stewardship and guardianship 


-          market trend research and analysis
-          opportunity and product development